Penetrative Liquid Technology
High-speed penetration cosmetic solution with penetration liquid technology (Penetrative Liquid Technology, abbreviated as PLT system)

senecio beauty series

senecio beauty series

The PLT system ,with its amphiphilic nature it is able to be compatible with both water and oil, making it possible for the active ingredient to be reached quickly across the stratum corneum of the skin SENECIO Beauty series focuses on three active ingredients and has the following features.

  • Permeability: With the PLT system the active ingredients could maintain a high level of activity until it penetrates into the skin.
  • Irritation: Since it is anhydrous and does not use alcohol or preservatives it is kind to the skin.
  • Stability: An anhydrous formula provides better stability.
SENECIO Beauty Topical Serum LA25

(PLT system + Pure vitamin C)

senecio topical serum LA25

Pure vitamin C, also known as L-ascorbic acid, is one of the ingredients to achieve skin formation.The PLT system delivers pure vitamin C, which suppresses melanin formation, promotes collagen formation on the skin, and has high antioxidant power, to the corners of the stratum corneum of the skin.

  • Main Effect
    • High concentration pure vitamin C
    • beautiful skin + elasticity
    • high antioxidant power
    • prevention and reduction of spots
    • promotion of collagen formation
    • effect of melanin suppression
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SENECIO Beauty Topical Serum FA

(PLT system + Ferulic Acid)

senecio topical serum FA

Ferulic acid is a type of polyphenol, which has a strong antioxidant action, converts the heat of ultraviolet rays that the skin has exposed to other energy, has an effect of suppressing melanin, and is also used to prevent skin firmness and rough skin. This superior active ingredient reaches every corner of your skin by PLT system.

  • Main Effect
    • UV damage reduction
    • skin tightening
    • antioxidant power
    • stains and dullness care
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SENECIO Beauty Topical Serum VB3

(PLT system + Vitamin B3)

senecio topical serum VB3

Vitamin B3, also called niacin, has a strong anti-inflammatory action and is recommended for the treatment of acne and sunburned skin. The PLT system penetrates the stratum corneum of skin and leads to an acne-free skin.

  • Main Effect
    • Contains vitamin B3
    • Care for skin problems
    • Normalization of turnover
    • Acne and pimples care
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How to use SENECIO Beauty Topical Serum

how to use

Washing face →SENECIO Beauty Topical Serum→Lotion→Cream

After washing your face, please use it in a dry condition

Please use three drops as the upper limit for one use. Since serum is very liposoluble, please follow the instructions for proper use and feel the change of your skin.

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PLT System

Transdermal absorption by the PLT system penetrates to the corners of the stratum corneum of the skin

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Function of PLT system

How the Penetrative Liquid Technology works

PLT (Penetrative Liquid Technology) technology is a liquid introduction and penetration technology researched and developed by Cosmetics Doctor. Due to the amphiphilic character, which is compatible with both water and fat, it quickly penetrates the skin built with water and lipids, achieving the active ingredient reaching every corner of the stratum corneum.

  • Overview
    • Anhydrous formulation
    • amphiphilic system
    • fast penetration
    • paraben free
    • alcohol free
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Award winner


SENECIO Topical Serum series, which uses the PLT system, has won numerous gold and silver awards at conventions worldwide. The technology is highly regarded in many countries including Japan, Switzerland, Germany and the United States.

  • Awards history (part)
    • 2012 Japan Genius Contest Gold Award
    • 2013 US Pittsburgh International Invention Exhibition Silver Award
    • 2013 Switzerland Geneva International Invention Exhibition Gold Prize