SENECIO Beauty Moist Rich Cream
Flower of apple

(Gel cream)

The gel cream which adopted the non-water emulsification method. By using the non-aqueous emulsification method,
the emulsified particles are made finer and moisturizing ability is improved.
It penetrates the skin quickly and firmly reaches every corner of the stratum corneum of the skin.
Furthermore, since it has a strong holding power it keeps moist and keeps your skin moist.

Including apple extract, apple stem cells and ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (Vitamin C derivative)

are also blended , it leads to be a fresh, smooth and transparent skin.

  • Overview
    • Non-aqueous emulsification method
    • Skin transparency
    • High moisture retention
    • Sustained moisture
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SENECIO Beauty Natural Liquid Soap

Using liquid soap, it is easily soluble in water and produces fine bubbles.
Compared to common surfactants, liquid soap which gently removes dirt from the skinhas an anti-allergic effect and a degreasing inhibitory effect,it does not remove components necessary for skin (sebum etc.).

To enhance the moisturizing properties, 19 kinds of natural extracts that are kind to the skin are mixed, and there is no stickiness or dryness, and you can get a fresh feeling.

  • Overview
    • Liquid soap
    • Gentle cleansing
    • Moisturizing
    • Fine bubbles
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SENECIO Beauty Topical Serum VB3 (PLT system + Vitamin B3)

senecio topical serum VB3

Vitamin B3, also called niacin, has a strong anti-inflammatory action and is recommended for the treatment of acne and sunburned skin.

Including this vitamin B3, ferulic acid against ultraviolet rays and vitamin K that has the effect of promoting blood flow are mixedand the PLT system penetrates these ingredients to every corner of the skin's stratum corneum, leading to acne-free bare skin.

  • Overview
    • Contains vitamin B3 , vitamin K , ferulic acid
    • Normalization of turnover
    • Acne and pimples care
    • Reduced UV damage
    • Care for bears under the eyes
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